Root Veggie Soup

Rutabaga Parsnip Soup Vegan, Gluten Free Happily serves 4 ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS 1 Cup Yellow Squash 2 Garlic Cloves 1 Cup Rutabaga 1 Cup Parsnip 1 Cup Turnip 1 Yellow onion 1 Can (14oz) Coconut Cream 1 Cup Vegetable or Bone broth ½ tsp Nutmeg 1 tsp Thyme 1 tsp Sea salt ½ tsp Black […]

Cashew Crusted Cabbage Steaks

Cashew Crusted Cabbage Steak Vegan, Gluten Free Happily serves 4 ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS 1 Whole Purple Cabbage ALMOND BUTTERMILK: 1 Cup Almond Milk 1 TBSP Lemon juice or coconut vinegar  CRUST: 1 Cup Cashews 1 tsp Sea Salt 1/4 tsp Cayenne pepper 3/4 tsp Garlic powder 1 tsp Smoked Paprika Optional: 1 tsp Curry or […]

Garlic Sunflower Dip-Creamy Guilt free dipping!

Garlic Sunflower Dill Dip Vegan, Gluten Free Happily serves 10 ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS 1 ½ Cups Raw Sunflower Seeds 1/4 Cup Tahini 1/4 Cup Sunflower or Avocado oil 1 Cup Grilled Squash 1/2 Cup Jemon Juice 1/2 cup Water, depending on desired consistency 2-3 Garlic Cloves or 1 TBSP Minced garlic 1/2 Cup Fresh Dill […]

Dirt Cups… Avocado Cacao Mousse w/fresh mint

Dirt Cups (Avocado Mousse) Vegan, Gluten free Happily serves 2   ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS 1 Avocado 1/4 Cup Raw Cacao Powder 1/4 Cup Coconut milk (can sub almond or hemp milk) 1 tsp vanilla 1 TBSP Monk fruit Optional: Top with crushed Cookie if you are going to a kids party (adults are ok with […]

Artichoke Hummus-great idea for those low in iron

Artichoke Hummus Vegan, Gluten Free Happily Serves 6 ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS 2 Cups Garbanzo Beans 1 Cup  Artichoke Hearts (save brine) Save 1/2 Cup of Brine from Artichokes 1 Jalapeño Handful Parsley (about 1/4 Cup) 2 Green Onions 1 Garlic Clove or 1/2 TBSP Minced Garlic  1 tsp Minced Onion 1 TBSP Himalayan Sea Salt […]

Homemade Ketchup…one of those condiments I could live on 🤩

Jodi’s Homemade Ketchup Gluten Free, Refined Sugar free, Vegan Happily serves at least 8 (unless you’re me!)   ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS 3 Cans Tomato paste 1/2 Cup Apple cider vinegar 1 tsp Garlic powder 1 TBSP Onion powder 2 TBSP Coconut sugar or Monk fruit 2 TBSP Blackstrap molasses 1 tsp Himalayan sea salt 1 […]

Mashed Potatoes? YES PLEASE!!

Cauliflower Mashed “Potatoes” Vegan, Gluten Free Happily serves 2-4 ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS 2 Cups Cauliflower 1/4-1/2 Cup Almond Milk 1/4 Cup Butter or Avocado oil 1/4-1/2 Cup Coconut Cheese 1/2 TBSP Sea Salt 1 tsp Minced onion or 1/8 cup Fresh onion 1 Garlic Clove Optional: IF you don’t have fresh herbs you can use […]

Rosemary Squash Sauce

Vegan, Gluten free  Happily serves 4 ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS  1/2 Cup full fat Coconut milk 1/4 Avocado oil  3 Cups squash  1 tsp Rosemary  1 tsp Sage  1 Garlic clove 1 tsp Minced onion 1 tsp Sea salt  Cube and steam zucchini without spices about 5-7 minutes.  Place all ingredients in the food processor and […]

Zucchini Lentil Hummus

Gluten free, Vegan Happily serves 3-4 ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS  1 Cup Lentils (I used red in this recipe) 2 Cups Zucchini  1/2 Yellow Onion 1/3 Cup Nutritional Yeast 1/4-1/2 Cup Almond or Coconut Milk 1 tsp Sea Salt 1 Garlic Clove  4 TBSP Avocado Oil 1 TBSP Lemon Juice Cut garlic clove, let sit 5 minutes. […]

Cherry Cream Cheese Dip

Vegan, Gluten Free Happily Serves 4-6 ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS  2 Cups Cherries (not maraschino)  1 Cup Butter Beans 2 TBSP Sunflower Oil (can Sub Coconut oil) 3 TBSP Lemon Juice  8 oz Almond Cream Cheese 1 tsp Cinnamon  1-2 tsp Sea Salt 1/4-1/2 Cup Monk Fruit  Optional: You can add Cherry Extract if you desire […]