Healthy with Jodi

Rosemary Squash Sauce

    Vegan, Gluten free 

    Happily serves 4


    1/2 Cup full fat Coconut milk

    1/4 Avocado oil 

    3 Cups squash 

    1 tsp Rosemary 

    1 tsp Sage 

    1 Garlic clove

    1 tsp Minced onion

    1 tsp Sea salt 

    Cube and steam zucchini without spices about 5-7 minutes. 

    Place all ingredients in the food processor and blend til smooth. 

    You can add more liquid or tbsp of water to thin it out.

    Serve as a dip for veggies or pour over veggie pasta. 

    1/2 Cup is a serving