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BMI, BF%, Waist to Hip Ratio for Males &Females

    BMI, BF%, Waist to Hip Ratio, Genders

    Ever wonder where you “should” be?  Here are some good guidelines for you to follow.  If you are looking to get “healthy”, whatever that means to you, I can help you with your starting measurements and design you an individual program based on your goals.

    BMI Classification

    Less than 18.5    Underweight
    18.5 to 24.9         Normal
    25 to 29.9            Overweight
    30 to 34.9            Obese
    35 to 39.9            Severe Obesity
    40 to 44.9           Morbid Obesity
    45 & up                Super Obesity
    Waist Circumference

    Increased Risk for Obesity Related Disease
    Male Greater Than 37 inches
    Female Greater Than 31.5 inches

    Substantially Increased Risk for Obesity Related Disease
    Male Greater Than 40.2 inches
    Female Greater Than 34.6 inches

    Extremely High Risk for Obesity Related Disease
    Male Greater Than 47.2 inches
    Female Greater Than 43.3 inches
    Waist to Hip Ratio

    Classification              Male                          Female

    Excellent                      Less than                  0.85 Less than 0.75
    Good                             0.85-0.90                 0.75-0.80
    Average                        0.90-0.95                 0.80-0.85
    Overweight                  0.95-1.00                  0.85-.090
    Obese                            Greater than 1.00   Greater than 0.90
    Body Fat %
    Classification                              Male             Female

    Minimum Essential Fat %       2-4%            10-12%
    Athletes                                       4-13%           12-20%
    Fitness                                         13-17%         20-24%
    Acceptable                                   17-25%        24-31%
    Obese                                            25% & Up   32% & Up

    Amino Acids-Benefits & Facts

      Purium Super Amino 23

      100% Vegetarian

      Vegan Friendly

      Superior for Athletes

      Super Amino 23 is pre-digested 100% vegetarian and vegan protein that has been featured in the Physician`s Desk Reference* and is comprised of non-soy legumes.

      Aids in normalizing protein synthesis
      Assists with the stabilization or recovery of muscle strength, endurance, and volume
      Helps keep body tissues firm
      Helps minimize body fat
      May support a weight loss regimen

      Interesting Facts:
      Super Amino 23 is PREDIGESTED protein and it is 400% to 500% more nutritionally effective than isolates from whey casein and safer than soy. “Pre-digested” means Super Amino 23 does not enter the intestines and is absorbed into the lymph system; thus, Super Amino 23 produces no fecal residue. Because it is pre-digested, it is available to the body within 23 minutes of ingestion.

      Super Amino 23 has 99% NNU or Net Nitrogen Utilization, which is why there is no burden on your kidneys or liver like other proteins. This is because the liver and kidneys do not have to clear catabolic waste that comes with the digestion of common dietary protein.

      Super Amino 23 has over 30 clinical studies published on its uses and is listed in the Physician`s Desk Reference.

      Super Amino 23 is protected by 27 international patents and available in North America. (US Patent no. 5,132,113)
      There have been 8 years of field trials on the Super Amino 23
      18 years clinical trials: Super Amino 23 was first used for patients with stomach removed because of cancer. Then, elderly patients were given it for nutrition and recovery of lean tissue. Now, the terminally ill are also given Super Amino 23 to improve their quality of life.

      Medical doctors use Super Amino 23 to maximize protein utilization and minimize the negative effects of protein diets.
      Olympic athletes and fitness buffs around the world use the Super Amino 23.

      Super Amino 23 is also used by the Vatican (through its Caritas Foundation) to treat malnutrition & the effects of starvation in developing countries.

      Super Amino 23 is an all-natural way to build muscle mass, it also maximizes strength & endurance, minimizes body fat, and reduces recovery time.

      The Super Amino 23 formulation can be used for different purposes; as nutrition for people who need more and better protein, as part of a weight control program, for strength building, and as a muscle mass enhancement.

      Struggling with Depression??

        Do you struggle with Depression or know someone who does? Tired of being pushed the drug route? Want to heal your body naturally?  Try a few of these herbs.  You  can take them in combinations in tea form or supplement form.  If you need help deciphering what you think you need first, let me help you sort it out before you spend extra money trying to experiement on your own.

        Herbs for depression
        Rhodiola rosea
        Rhodiola rosea (Crassulaceae) is a perennial plant that grows in cold, alpine regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Its roots contain a sap that has long been used to improve physical and mental endurance, relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress, and even lift mood and alleviate depression symptoms. This is why it is considered to be an adaptogen, a natural substance that helps normalize the body’s response to stress, and maintain optimal homeostasis by balancing the immune system and endocrine hormones (

        Numerous scientific studies, including research conducted and compiled by Dr. Zakir Ramazanov, a former Soviet soldier-turned-doctor, has revealed that rhodiola rosea can be safely used to reduce recovery time after workouts, improve attention span and memory, improve physical fitness and performance, enhance psychomotor function, and alleviate depression and anxiety (
        100mg of Rhodila a day (

        Learn more:

        St. John’s Wort
        St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum), a plant native to temperate and subtropical regions of the world, has long been used in many cultures to treat depression. Numerous research studies, including a 2008 study published as part of the Cochrane Systematic Review, have found that St. John’s Wort is at least as effective as standard antidepressant drugs at treating mild to moderate depressive disorders, but with few potentially harmful side effects (

        When taken as a whole extract, St. John’s Wort has also been shown to help naturally alleviate sleep disorders, promote relaxation, and boost energy levels in such a way that avoids the “spikes” and “plunges” typically associated with consumption of caffeine and other stimulants. St. John’s Wort is considered to be a safe, inexpensive herbal remedy that can help promote improved overall mental health.

        Learn more:

        Camu Camu
        Camu Camu (Myrciaria dubia) is a tropical rainforest plant whose berries have the highest known levels of natural vitamin C in the world. The plant’s fruit, which is naturally tangy and sweet, contains a host of nutrients, including vitamin C, that fight the negative effects of the herpes virus, promote immune health, alleviate inflammation, and fight bacteria and viruses. Camu Camu also has adaptogenic properties that normalize bodily processes during stress, and help relieve symptoms of depression.

        In his Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Healing, Dr. Gary Null, Ph.D., critically-acclaimed nutritionist and researcher, lists Camu Camu as the second most potent known plant for containing natural antidepressant compounds — and best of all, eating camu camu has absolutely no know negative side effects
        Therapeutic Ranges for Vit C falls between 3000-5000mg day

        Learn more:

        Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), an Indian plant that has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine, contains powerful adaptogenic compounds that are known to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. The plant is also known to help fight degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells.

        Several studies, including one published in the journal Phytomedicine back in 2000, have found that ashwagandha works as well as, or better than, antidepressant drugs at relieving anxiety and treating depression symptoms. And ashwagandha naturally prevents stress-induced free radical damage without causing harmful side effects (
        Ashwaganda can be up to 6000mg a day, suggesting to be taken in 3 doses divided.

        Learn more:

        Maca (Lepidium meyenii), also known as “Peruvian ginseng,” is a root vegetable that is packed with amino acids, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Like the other herbs mentioned, it has long been used in traditional medicine to increase energy and stamina, enhance libido, and boost the immune, adrenal, and endocrine systems.

        In a 2008 study published in the journal Menopause, researchers found that maca helps reduce anxiety and depression symptoms in women with menopause ( And in a 2006 study published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, researchers found that maca clearly exhibits general antidepressant activity in all people when consumed.
        Maca can be 500-2000mg a day. (
        Learn more:

        Aminolase: Protein Nutrition

          Aminolase. Arthur Andrew Medical
          30 capsules $24.99
          90 capsules $69.99

          Worth every penny for anyone “training” and not just “working out!”

          Ideal for body builders, runners, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone with an active lifestyle, Aminolase represents a breakthrough in protein nutrition for those using protein supplements or meal replacements to help build or maintain healthy muscle mass and accelerate muscle recovery. Aminolase should be taken with protein rich foods and all protein supplements including the following: whey, milk, casein, soy, pea, rice and hemp. Protein supplements are one of the richest sources of all nine essential amino acids that the body is unable to produce on its own; however all protein must first be processed into a usable form, which includes essential amino acids and beneficial peptides (i.e., Di and Tri-peptides). To be effective, protein must be broken down into a smaller particle size within approximately 90 minutes of consumption. This transit time represents the time from which protein passes from the stomach through the small intestine where digestion/absorption primarily occurs; from there it will be assembled into muscle building protein (a bio-usable form). Undigested protein will simply be excreted from the body, resulting in increased kidney stress and wasted amino acids, essentially pouring your expensive protein supplement down the toilet.*

          Servings Per Container: 30
          Consume 1 capsule of Aminolase™ per 25 grams of protein. Aminolase capsules may also be opened and added directly to your favorite protein supplement, or taken with any protein rich meal.

          Serving Size: 1 capsule
          Amount Per Serving:
Aminolase TPA™ … 250mg
Acid Stable Protease Blend
          Other Ingredients: Cellulose (vegetarian capsules)
          Aminolase is free of dairy, gluten, and soy allergens. Contains no artificial colors or preservatives.

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