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Coconut oil Facts-Healthy Saturated Fat Myths dispelled. You cannot lose fat on a no fat or low fat diet. Fuel your brain with pure coconut oil

    Coconut oil Facts-Healthy Saturated Fat Myths dispelled

    Kids home from school? Try this healthy Chocolate pancakes to keep them full of natural energy

      Coconut flour cacao pancakes
      GF, Dairy free
      Happily serves 12 pancakes

      1⁄3 Cup Coconut flour
      5 eggs
      ½ Nut milk of choice
      ¼ Cup full fat coconut milk
      ¼ Cup coconut sugar or stevia
      3 TBSP Raw Cacao powder
      ¾ tsp vanilla extract
      Dash of Sea salt
      Coconut oil spray for each pancake

      In a deep bowl, whisk all ingredients except ghee/coconut ghee/coconut oil, until well combined. Batter should be very thick but pourable. Not watery.
      Let batter sit for 5 minutes to let the coconut flour absorb the liquid, stirring once more at the end.
      Pour about 1⁄3 cup of batter into a frying pan pre-heated with coconut oil. 
If necessary, tilt pan and shake lightly for even distribution of batter. (Batter does not necessarily need to spread throughout the pan).
      Fry for a couple of minutes, occasionally covering with a lid, till liquid has almost firmed up
      Tip: Covering the pan with a lid occasionally will help keep moisture and enhance even cooking.
      Flip with a spatula, and fry the other side for a couple more minutes, then remove from pan.
      Repeat for rest of batter, greasing pan between batches as needed, and occasionally stirring the batter left in your bowl for even consistency.