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Power Kids Nutrition Drink: the anti-Soda

    Power Kids Nutrition Drink
    The Anti Soda
    30 servings $85.75

    Power Kids delivers whole food nutrients that support the normal functions of the brain and body. Soda is exactly what kids DON’T need – sugar, caffeine, carbonation and artificial ingredients. It’s like a scientist created the perfect chemical cocktail to disrupt a child’s normal body functions. And, unfortunately, sports drinks, and juice boxes really aren’t much better. But now, you have healthy choice! Certified organic fruits and greens that really make a difference.
    * USDA organic certified, 100% non-GMO whole food nutrition
    * Protects teeth and gums
    * Healthy “growth factor”
    * Balances blood sugar for sustained energy
    * Great raspberry flavor

    Instructions: Add one scoop to 8-10oz of water. Best mixed with cold water in a shaker cup or bottle. Can also be added to a smoothie or your favorite plain yogurt, almond milk or applesauce.

    Collagen I and III Dietary Supplement

      Collagen I and III Dietary Supplement
      Collagen M.D.
      7oz $18.95

      Collagen Type I & III together account for 90%
      of the collagen present in the dermis with up to
      60-80% for Collagen Type I and 15-20% for
      Collagen Type III. This collection of fibers is
      responsible for maintaining the structure and
      resistance of tissues and constitutes a dynamic
      network which anchors the skin in the deeper
      layers, thereby creating a support base for the
      skin. In addition to its architectural properties,
      collagen also regulates the activity of fibroblasts,
      playing a role in their migration, proliferation and
      differentiation, and in their adhesion to various
      elements of the extracellular matrix.
      Collagen Type I & III are the main components
      of hair, nails, ligaments, tendons, muscles, gums,
      teeth, bones, blood vessels and eyes.

      In 6oz of water or juice, blend 2 scoops of powder (over 35 years old) or 1 scoop (under 35 years old) or as directed by your physician. Use juice containing Vitamin C or take with a Vitamin C supplement for maximum collagen support.
      For optimal nutritional benefits, take on an empty stomach and wait 20 minutes before eating
      Do not add to milk or other protein dinks/powders as this will decrease the benefits. May be take with other vitamins and minerals.

      Collagen Type I & II …6.6g
Collagen Type I and III protein peptides 
derived from 100% pure bovine collagen.

      Contains no gluten, dairy sucrose, starch, yeast, wheat, corn, cholesterol, fat, additives, colorings, flavorings or preservatives.