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Inflammation is the root of most disease

This is a great article on what inflammation is and why we have it.  Also great ideas on how to reduce it. Inflammation at the Root of Most Diseases

Calculating Refined Sugar Intake In Teaspoons

Calculating Refined Sugar Intake In Teaspoons * A healthy adult human being has approximately 5 liters of blood circulating at any given moment. * In that 5 Liters of Blood a grand total of 1 teaspoon of sugar is available during a fasting state. That’s all the body needs to function.Read More

Probiotics-brief overview of what they are and why we need them.

Probiotics in a nut shell: The human gut contains 10x more bacteria than all the human cells in the body. 400 known species equaling 100trillion in the intestinal tract. Probiotics are ESSENTIAL for normal digestive, endocrine, and immunological functions of the bowel. They are therapeutic for treatment of variety ofRead More

Fight or Flight? Are your hormones out of control?

Feeling out of Control?  Balancing your hormones is key in any weight loss program.  If we can not control the cortisol levels and support your adrenal glands, then proper digestion can’t happen.  Let me help you find your “WHY” and dispel food myths and learn how to have a healthyRead More

Detox? Cleanse? There are safe methods that won’t keep you cramping or in the bathroom all day!

Top 10 Activated Charcoal Uses & Benefits  

Relaxation techniques. Ever tried to relax or meditate and still can’t seem to quiet your mind?

Here is a relaxation exercise made easy.   Remember that practice makes perfect,  you won’t be good at first, just like most new things you try. Continue to practice and you will learn to quiet your mind and learn to control stress levels naturally. Find a comfortable and quiet placeRead More

Sprouts. MicroGreens. Nutrient density. BamBoxProduce

BAMBOX Produce… what’s it all about?  Do you have trouble getting your greens in EVERYDAY? It couldn’t be any easier with BamBox Produce, they do it all for you….plant it…grow it…harvest it…weigh and measure… separate into 7 boxes… homemade locally sourced dressing…and it’s Ready to eat! 💥 Bam!!! EASY EASY EASY!!!Read More

Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Do you fight infection? Inflammation? Candida or yeast infections?  Try Black seed oil.  Fungus infections are hard to fight and the medication is so hard on your body.  Doubling your probiotics will help but may not be enough.  How could you incorporate Black seed oil into your day?  Read theRead More

How much protein do you need? What types of amino acids are there? How are the absorbed?

How Much Protein do You need? A healthy adult is estimated to need around 40 to 65 grams of protein per day. If this is not provided in the food you eat, your body will begin to break down muscle and other tissues to obtain the amino acids it needs.Read More

Protein Shake fueled with real Collagen, Amino Acids, microgreens! All natural FOOD, real food!

My new Favorite shake! What do you do when you get a #NurtiBullet? Experiment!!! I am continually trying to find ways for my clients to incorporate Beets and #Microgreens into their diet and I found the best combination today!!! Flavors compliment each other and it’s pretty pink instead of green,Read More