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Reflection…a year in review…

REFLECTION… I sit in quiet in the morning and collect my thoughts and decided to copy my thoughts to my website instead of just my healthy blog and email newsletter.  It’s that important to for my voice to be heard.  And not heard because I want praise, but because IRead More

Top Natural Sweeteners I love this time of year!  With the season comes SUGAR, lots of if.  There are several natural substitutes that allow us to still have our favorite traditional desserts and goodies.  I couldn’t have put together a better list so I decided to repost Dr. Axe’s article onRead More

Gluten Free. Gut Health. Immune Health.

Gluten Free and Gut Health….how they are linked. I find it sad that we need to learn about health issues the hard way.  Our grandparents didn’t have to deal with such issues because they ate real food.  Today it is essential to educate yourself and learn how to get backRead More

Need a Date night idea? Join me this Friday for food, fun, and good people!

Please join me in learning how to create your own healthy version of sushi and Asian-Inspired spring rolls and fried Rice. We eat, we learn, we enjoy each other’s company….the way dinner should be!

SEA SALT! GREAT GUIDE on which salt to season with and WHY it’s good for you!

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE SALT!  I carry it in my purse, laptop bag, and car.  It makes me feel good that I can add minerals to my food every time I eat!  I love how it helps regulate my blood pressure and balance the electrolytes in myRead More

Air Fryer Link! Not sure which one to get? I did the research for you…Amazon

Cooking class today was on Air fryers.  We learned several things, fast and easy.  What’s also important is the quality of your cookware.  Try to avoid Teflon and heavy metals, so here is the link that I found that is used with stainless steel. I try and use as manyRead More

Digestion Problems? Try this gut healing salad dressing

This is beneficial to anyone who has SIBO, low stomach acid, or difficulty digesting.    Use it on fish, chicken, lamb, salads, or as a dipping sauce for veggies. Ginger: antibacterial, antimicrobial, enhances digestion Garlic: antibacterial, antiviral Parsley: detoxes the blood and body from heavy metals Cilantro: detoxes the bloodRead More

Lyme Disease? What is it and how affects the body.

With all the new diseases and disorders out there, sometimes it is hard to make sense of them all.  Recently more discussion on Lyme disease is surfacing.  I have also been researching Epstein Barr as well.  There are many stages of Epstein Barr, and one of them can be misdiagnosedRead More

Is Diet Soda Bad for you?

Soda…silent killer?  The cause of digestive issues?  Contributes to Diabetes and destroys the kidneys.  Please educate yourself and see if you can reduce your consumption. Is Diet Soda Bad for You? Here’s What It Does to Your Body

Fear and Purpose

In order to stop symptoms, reverse disease, and stay on a path to overall health and wellness you need to have balance in three areas: Food and Nutrition Science and Nutrition Emotional balance (Soul health) I find that most people are missing pieces to one, two, or all three ofRead More