Healthy with Jodi

Certified Mind Body Eating Coach


    Completing the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification training has taken my practice to new levels!  The world of functional medicine is ever changing and keeping up with new research and concepts is imperative in the holistic world.  I believe there are so many modalities of healing and having as many tools as I can only helps my clients progress in moving forward in achieving their highest goals. I appreciated the variety of perspectives and research that I learned.  I always felt like there was more I needed to learn to be able to support my clients in their health journeys.

    I also learned many things personally that have made me a better person and a better practitioner.  I made personal progress and have more tools to continue to grow and evolve in this ever changing world.  I am very grateful for the experiences I had during my training. I’m excited to apply my new education, I love my career!

    Air Fryer SUCCESS!

      I want to give a BIG thank you to the Prep Table for hosting our air fryer cooking class! What a great facility! I do not live in CA, so coming in to educate in a different establishment always has it challenges. They were so friendly and accommodating! Their kitchen is clean, efficient and the staff was more than generous with their time and labor! Needless to say I am very impressed and definitely coming back! It takes community when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and we made a great team this weekend! Their concepts of Whole Foods, prepped foods and meals kits are such good options for the locals.

      Now what happens when you take all that wonderful food home? Do overwhelming feelings start to creep in? Do you get anxiety you just spent money with good intentions and do not know how or what to do next? This is where we come in! The next step is learning how to prepare the food and cook it so you retain the most nutrients. The air fryer is an excellent tool for those who don’t “like to cook”. You can do it, in minimal time and maximum taste! This is where Stanis and I make a great team, and elevate you to the next level. If you can learn to do this at home, you can learn to do this on vacation and when you travel. Better yet, come on retreat with us and we can give you more tools to balance your life. We teach meditation and yoga. We teach movement and stillness, stress reduction techniques. We use the elements of the Earth to aid in this process. We educate you on how to slow down and see, taste, and feel all that is around you and how to draw on those resources when you’re in Maui and when you return home. We educate you how to shop at a local market, and how to use the foods in season to fuel your body. We then take that energy and GO EXPLORING!!! We are going to the craters, the black sand beaches, UpCountry, The Road to Hana and to the Ocean for the natural healing your body deserves and is looking for! We will bask in the sun and enjoy the moon as we learn how the earth is ruled by water and light energy.

      Vacation with a purpose…what more could you want to enhance your experience on the Island with us! Come along with us…be Our Guest!

      This is the air fryer we used in class. When buying one, look for ceramic or copper or stainless steel. Non stick is teflon, which is laden with chemicals, this is why this model is more expensive. You can change up the size based on your needs but make sure it’s good quality.

      And if you want more information on our retreats, click on the link above and look for Maui Registration. You can also check out the Prep Tables website and start your “grocery shopping” today!

      Retreat? YES PLEASE!

        What do you think of when you hear the word Retreat?  Expensive vacation? Yoga? Private beach? I could never do that?  What’s the catch?

        Well…let me explain what it means to me.  My lifelong friend and business partner share the same philosophy on how a balanced retreat should be planned and carried out.  Life is about balance, it’s give and take, it’s movement and stillness, it’s health and wellness, it’s love and above all…should be FUN!  

        We have been collecting data and experience that we believe is valuable to our customers.  We want to deliver the very best vacation (retreat) so it leaves you refreshed and renewed, not needing a recovery day from being out of town.  We believe in giving our clients the tools they need to be able to go home equipped to handle whatever life throws at you!  We believe you should start each day with meditation and movement and PURPOSE!  We have designed our retreat to be experienced in the elements, where you can fully embrace the power of nature and what it can do for you!  We believe you need to get away sometimes to fully be present, or maybe to learn what being present means. Breathing in the air with intention, listening to your body when it whispers so you don’t have it eventually screaming at you.  

        We would love for you to join us in Maui for a health and wellness retreat.  We balance yoga, meditation, good local organic food, hiking, waterfalls and laying on the beach soaking up the sun and moon energy, and just taking to the time to create moments and memories you’ll never forget!  Sights, sounds, smells, and your feet in the sand and salt water…doesn’t get much better!

        Let us take care of you for the the week of October 12-18, 2019.  Be our Guest!

        Visit the website for reservations.  Feel free to reach out to Stanis or I if you have any questions.

        Summer “Cooking” Class

          My massage therapist, Megan Almodova (Calm Blossom Massage) and I are teaming up to bring our clients together to stay actively engaged during the summer months. We know it gets “crazy”…but does that ever stop unless you learn management skills to learn balance in your life? Come and sit, visit, eat and learn how to turn an avocado into several delicious snacks and meal ideas.

          Meal prep is NOT hard, it needs to be a priority on our ToDo list for the day or week. It requires time, learn how to manage time, therefore managing your budget and stress levels. It’s all connected! Take the first step…you know you’ll feel better.

          Bring a Friend, the more the Merrier! Just make sure you RSVP so I can have enough food for everyone!

          Meal time is always better when made and served with LOVE ❤️

          Nitric Oxide Explained-in easy terms!

            Dr. Clair Francomano Explains the Nitro Ingredients and benefits so clearly in this short you tube video.  So worth you time if you are struggling with fatigue, blood flow and circulation, heart health, inflammation, cognitive function, immune support and or proper nutrient absorption.  Just to name a few.  The ingredients work synergistically together to help support and balance the body.

            If you are looking for a simple start to vitamins this is it!  This is NOT overwhelming, just take the sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening.  Nitric oxide is taken 2-3x a day under the tongue as needed depending on the the individual.

            Full spectrum Liquid vitamins absorb quickly in the body and help you on your way to feeling better…Naturally.  Cold pressed, wild sourced.  It has my support and is personally helping with my migraines, among other health related issues.  I LOVE IT!

            CALL or message me if you want to experience the effects of feeling more energized!


            Nitro Extreme


            My journey with Jodi. Before and after pictures surprised me!

              Check out these before and after pictures!  I would not have been able to make these changes without training with Jodi. She has helped us change our lives for the better. During the past 7 months, I have been challenged and pushed as well as taught a great deal. Jodi makes working out fun and inspires me to reach my new goals.

              Jodi teaches proper form of exercises and creates whole body workouts that take into consideration some of my limitations. Along with the workouts, Jodi teaches me about healthy eating habits, which include delicious recipes using foods, spices and condiments to make wonderful meals for me and my husband.

              I have been very impressed by her passion to help clients, her knowledge and ability to connect with her clients’ needs/goals and overall encouraging motivating nature. I have a new outlook on my health, fitness and life. I plan to continue on this life changing path with Jodi!