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Top Natural Sweeteners I love this time of year!  With the season comes SUGAR, lots of if.  There are several natural substitutes that allow us to still have our favorite traditional desserts and goodies.  I couldn’t have put together a better list so I decided to repost Dr. Axe’s article onRead More

Need a new summer dressing for your Your Bambox Salad? Try this! It’s Dairy Free! (Big Surprise right?)

If you want to get your daily dose of Greens in with one salad a day, here the link for you to get the BEST tasting, MOST Nutrient Dense, Fulfiulling Micro greens I’ve ever tasted! Use the Code JLDFIT25 and get 25% off your first month Dijon Dill SauceRead More

Nitric Oxide Explained-in easy terms!

Dr. Clair Francomano Explains the Nitro Ingredients and benefits so clearly in this short you tube video.  So worth you time if you are struggling with fatigue, blood flow and circulation, heart health, inflammation, cognitive function, immune support and or proper nutrient absorption.  Just to name a few.  The ingredientsRead More

Collagen Facts. What is it, and why do we need it as we age?

Collagen Facts Collagen is a critical protein that makes up approximately 30% of all proteins in the human body. It’s the second most common substance in the body, second only to water. You may say it’s the “glue” that holds our bodies together, and the benefits of collagen are many.Read More

Muscle Issues? Scrapping? Great Local Recommendation!

So….yea….when you are in so much pain and you can’t walk straight, this is the guy to see!  I’ve not had scrapping and cupping at the same time.  He got the blood flowing and movement back in my joints. After he worked on my sciatic nerve pain area, he workedRead More

Enlightened Oils. What is CBD? Extraction information, definitions and benefits!

I get to meet all kind of great people in my line of work.  I was privileged to met the Founder of Buddha Farms, Carla Craft.  What an amazing women and incredible story behind her journey and education. I learned more from her and her spirit then I had learnedRead More

Healthy Coffee alternative-Crio Bru Ground Cacao Beans

Looking for an alternative to Coffee?  Are you trying to heal your adrenals and scared to cut coffee out?  This is a great herbal replacement with great health benefits as well. FAQ What is Crio? Crio Bru is a delicious brewed beverage made from 100% roasted cacao beans. What isRead More

Recommended Protein intake numbers according to age

How much protein is too much protein?  Are you confused on the amount you should take in and the source? Plant based or Animal Based? Here are a few guidelines set by the the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences: Adequate Intake (AI) and Recommended Dietry AllowancesRead More

Organic Sunscreen!

I met Mr. Pool Party himself this weekend.  What a great product he has created!  You know I’m all about Organic and natural ingredients, especially when applied to our skin.  I learned what Reef Friendly meant and how he has taken his formula to that level.  And what’s EVEN better….itRead More

Thyroid or hormone Problems? Try replacing root veggies for grains

If you have an autoimmune disorder, thyroid issues or leaky gut, grains are one of the first things to go.  It’s time to let your gut heal!  Your system cannot handle grains when it’s in attack mode, it’s trying to repair and it takes too much energy to heal whileRead More