Healthy with Jodi

Sweet Macadamia & Pumpkin Seed Dip

    Vegan, Gluten Free 

    Happily serves 16 (2 TBSP is a serving)


    1 Cup Purple and/or Orange Carrots

    1 Cup Macadamia nuts

    3/4 Cup Pumpkin Seeds

    1/4 Cut MTC oil 

    1 tsp Cinnamon or pumpkin spice

    1 tsp Sea Salt


    1 TBSP Monk Fruit or stevia 

    Cop and dice carrots, cook/steam for 7 minutes.

    Blend Macadamia nuts and pumpkin seeds in the flood processor. 

    Add all the ingredients in with the nuts, pulse together. 

    Blend to desired consistency. 

    The more you blend, it will become “butter like”.

    To add variety, you can add 2 cups of butter beans to make a hummus.

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