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Creamy Dreamy Chocolate Breakfast Hummus

    Chocolate Breakfast Hummus

    Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

    Happily serves 2


    1 Cup Garbanzo Beans

    1/3 Cup Full Fat Coconut Milk

    1 tsp Cinnamon 

    1 tsp Sea Salt

    1/4 Cup Chocolate Nut Butter

    Stevia or Monk Fruit to desired Sweetness


    Rinse and drain chick peas if you aren’t cooking them yourself.  

    Any nut butter will be ok, you can use plain sunflower or peanut butter and add 1/4 cup raw cacao to make it Chocolate flavored.

    Add all ingredients to Food Processor and blend well.  

    You can start with a 1/4 Cup Coconut milk and add more to desired consistency.