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Nitric Oxide Explained-in easy terms!

Dr. Clair Francomano Explains the Nitro Ingredients and benefits so clearly in this short you tube video.  So worth you time if you are struggling with fatigue, blood flow and circulation, heart health, inflammation, cognitive function, immune support and or proper nutrient absorption.  Just to name a few.  The ingredientsRead More

Sprouts. MicroGreens. Nutrient density. BamBoxProduce

BAMBOX Produce… what’s it all about?  Do you have trouble getting your greens in EVERYDAY? It couldn’t be any easier with BamBox Produce, they do it all for you….plant it…grow it…harvest it…weigh and measure… separate into 7 boxes… homemade locally sourced dressing…and it’s Ready to eat! 💥 Bam!!! EASY EASY EASY!!!Read More

My journey with Jodi. Before and after pictures surprised me!

Check out these before and after pictures!  I would not have been able to make these changes without training with Jodi. She has helped us change our lives for the better. During the past 7 months, I have been challenged and pushed as well as taught a great deal. JodiRead More