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Fish -Which ones should You stay away from? Safe fish List

    Here is a List of Fish that you should NEVER eat.

    Most people think that fish is always a healthier option.  Between over fishing, and contamination, our fish ‘eating options’ have definitely changed.  I will start with a list of ‘should not’s’ and follow with a list of better options.

    Should Not Eat

    1. Tiliapa
    2. Atlantic Cod
    3. Atlantic Flatfish (halibut, flounder…)
    4. Caviar
    5. Chilean Seabass
    6. Eel
    7. Farmed Salmon (Atlantic or Wild Caught)
    8. Imported Basa and Swai
    9. Imported Farmed Shrimp
    10. Imported King Crab
    11. Orange Roughy
    12. Shark
    13. Atlantic Bluefin Tuna
    14. Swordfish
    15. King Mackerel
    16. Grouper
    17. Sturgeon

    Better Options

    1. Atlantic Mackerel
    2. Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon
    3. Pacific Sardines
    4. Sablefish/Black Cod
    5. Tuna
    6. Albacore or Skipjack

    This is just a list for a quick read.  The full article is located on Dr. Axe’s page.

    More interesting information about fish.