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Why Should I Eat Organic? Reasons Why You Should Eat Organic…

    Importance of Organic Foods

    Organic Foods – Nutrient Density

    Simply stated, nutrient density means how many nutrients you get from a food, given the number of calories it contains. Nutrient density is a simple way to connect nutrients with calories.

    – World’s Healthiest Foods

    What’s In Organic Foods?

    Higher Nutrient Content

    More Vitamins & Minerals per Calorie

    More Essential Fatty Acids & Amino Acids per Calorie

    More Antioxidants per Calorie

    What’s Not in Organic Foods?

    *Acetylcholine Esterase Inhibitors


    Acetylcholine is the body’s most predominant neurotransmitter.

    Essential for Memory Recall & Quick Thinking

    Nutrient Density: Organic Legumes, Vegetables, Fruits

    Acetylcholine Esterase

    Acetylcholine Esterase is the enzyme that clears the neurosynaptic junction allowing for the next impulse to come.

    This is an especially important cycle for inhaling/exhaling during respiration and the contractions and relaxations of the heart muscle.

    ◦Thus Pesticides have an adverse effect upon the Lungs & Heart.

    List of Banned Chemicals

    Consequently, “The nutritive value of crops and their ability to handle pests and diseases is diminished.” The bottom line, Kittredge says, is, “across the board, our foodstuffs are less nutritious than they were. It’s well documented. Between 1940 and 2009, in a basic salad, USDA records show a 55-70 percent decrease in mineral levels.” – Remineralize the Earth

    We identified 191 matched pairs with valid comparisons of antioxidant, vitamin and mineral levels. Of these, 119 organic samples within the matched pairs had higher nutrient levels, or 62% of the total matched pairs.

    ◦State of Science Review: Nutritional Superiority of Organic Foods – Charles Benbrook, Xin Zhao, Jaime Yáñez, Neal Davies and Preston Andrews- 53 pages