Healthy with Jodi

Egg facts-did you know….?

    Can we all agree our food supply is going downhill fast if we don’t take action?  Can I suggest getting to know your FARMER instead of your DOCTOR?

    When you are preparing eggs this Easter Season, here are some facts to consider…Look up My JLDFIT YouTube channel and search Egg facts

    And here is a simple recipe if you want a new twist on eggs

    Green Eggs minus Ham

    Dairy Free, Gluten Free,  Keto Friendly

    Happily serves 3


    6 hard boiled eggs, cooled and peeled

    2 avocados

    ¼ Cup cilantro, finely chopped

    1 TBSP green onions finely chopped

    1-2 TBSP lime or lemon juice

    ½ tsp Himalayan Sea Salt

    1 tsp Red pepper flakes

    Chili powder and/or paprika

    Cut eggs in half and remove yolks

    Smash yolks and avocados together

    Stir in cilantro, chives, lime/lemon juice, salt, and red pepper flakes

    Spoon into egg white shells

    Sprinkle with chili powder and/or paprika

    Chill until serving