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Pumpkin Squash Soup-Comfort Food

    Pumpkin Squash Soup

    Vegan, Gluten Free

    Happily Serves 18

    Food and drink


    4 Cups Pumpkin

    32 oz Bone Broth

    1 Zucchini 

    1 Yellow Winter Squash 

    1 Cup Butternut Squash

    1 Cup Almond Milk

    2 TBSP Lemon Juice

    6 TBSP Avocado Oil

    1 TBSP Sea Salt

    1 Garlic Clove or 1TBSP Minced Garlic

    1 Small Yellow Onion

    Handful Parsley

    1/2 TBSP Cumin

    1 tsp All spice


    Cut/Mince garlic, let sit 5 minutes.

    Chop/cut all veggies to bite size or smaller pieces.

    Add all ingredients to crock pot, stir to combine.

    Cook on Low for about 2-3 hours or high about 1-2 hours.  

    Tip: opening the lid adds to cook time, try to avoid checking it.

    Almond Quinoa Collagen Bites

      Almond Quinoa Collagen Bites

      Dairy Free, Gluten Free

      Happily Serves 18-24



      16 oz Almond Butter

      6 TBSP Collagen (beef bovine)

      1/2 Cup Monk Fruit

      1 tsp Sea Salt

      1 tsp Cinnamon 

      2 TBSP Flax eggs 

      1/2 Cup Sprouted Quinoa 


      Rinse Quinoa, dry well.

      Mix flax and water, let sit about 5 minutes (1 TBSP Ground flax plus 2 TBSP Water equals 1 egg).

      Mix all ingredients together and divide in mini muffin tin or roll into ball.  

      You can bake for about 8 minutes on 375 or eat raw.  (I personally don’t bake mine)