Healthy with Jodi

Spooky Kid Halloween Treat ideas!

    Kids Can Cook!  EASY ideas that are “normal” foods.  Good food can be healthy AND yummy!


    Zucchini Spiders

    (Will air fry these, kids will top with Spider olives)

    1/4 Cup Marinara Sauce

    1/4 Cup Coconut Cheese (Dairy Free)

    6 Black olives 

    6-8 Zucchini slices

    Slice Zucchini in rounds.  

    Top with a spoon of marinara, add cheese.

    Airfry about 5 mins.

    Add Olives on top, slice one for the “legs”

    Chattering Apples

    (kids will assemble these)

    Organic Apples

    Almond butter


    Slice Apples and spread 1/2 TBSP Almond butter on 2-4 pieces.

    Add 5-6 marshmallows and top with another slice of apple.

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