Healthy with Jodi

National Pina Colada day??? I got you covered!

    Pina Colada Green Ginger Refresher

    Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

    Happily Serves 2


    1 Tbsp Fresh ginger 

    1-2 TBSP Lemon or lime Juice

    1 Cup Coconut Milk 

    1 1/2 Cup Frozen Pineapple

    1 Small frozen banana (optional)

    2 Cups Spinach

    1/2 Cup water (to thin to desired consistency )

    1/2-1 tsp Cinnamon 

    Stevia or 1 TBSP Raw honey


    **Steam Spinach first! Drain off the water and then add to vitamix.  

    Do not eat it raw***

    Add all ingredients to blender and blend on high until completely smooth.  Add water until desired thickness. 

    *Important Notes

    *For spinach (and kale)if it fresh, then quick steam it, drain off the water then add it to the recipe. You can bag the rest and keep it in the freezer, or buy chopped frozen spinach instead.  Do not eat raw spinach or Kale as it is not in the a digestible form, it most likely will cause bloating if raw.  Heat needs to be added to break down the outer cell membrane.  Steam it till it is bright green then quickly remove heat and it’s ready.  about 1-3 mins tops depending on how thick the vein is. 

    Optional banana:

    **If you are watching your sugars/glucose levels, omit the banana and use banana extract if you want the flavor but not extra carbs.