MEAL PREP IDEAS-What can you take to work that is easy, tasty, and doesn’t require a microwave?


Let’s get creative with allergy results!  Here are a few ideas to build meals around the elimination of the foods you are intolerant to.  All Tasty and are Dairy and gluten free.

Most people struggle with ideas for lunches at the office.  If you wouldn’t send your child to school without a lunch, why are you any different? You know you are going to get hungry, so why not just plan to succeed.  Failure to plan is a recipe for temptation and poor decision making.

I beleive in the importance of NOT using a microwave, it destroys so many nutrients.  You know you can tell when you are eating a nuked chicken breast instead of a grilled chicken breast, why do that to your veggies?  You can lose up to 50-85% of nutrients through, heat, light, air and water.  Every food or veggie has a different profile of how it is affected by one of those elements.  So doing what we can to preserve those precious nutrients are so important in our overall health.

First picture is from a client that is Vegan.  So his lunches this week were: (top left to bottom:

1) Quinoa with Marinated Mushrooms, steamed Cabbage, Zucchini and yellow squash, garlic and onions in a Avocado Oil Vinegar sauce.

2) Quinoa, Zucchini and yellow squash, steamed cabbage, garlic and onion in hemp seed oil.

3) Steamed Cabbage, Sprouted Mung beans, Zucchini and yellow squash, avocado oil, season salt, Garlic and onion.

4) Black Bean hummus, quinoa on a bed of romaine lettuce, sprinkled with red pepper flakes and spicy pumpkin seeds.

5) Sprouted mung beans, steamed cabbage, Zucchini and yellow squash in a ginger Szechuan sauce.

Second picture was from a clients breakfast meal prep: She is avoiding Dairy and eggs due to allergy testing.

1) Sweet Potato with cinnamon and sea salt. Blended with coconut cream and topped with coconut chips.

2) Chocolate peanut butter date bar with dairy free chocolate chips.

3) Chocolate Avocado mousse (mint optional)

Third picture is from a luncheon I prepared for a group.

Instead of bread (for the gluten intolerant) I lettuce wrapped chicken salad sandwich.  I used avocado instead of mayo to keep it dairy free for those who were allergic.  I used green onions, cilantro, celery, and parsley and sea salt.  Lemon juice to help the avocado stay fresh and give a tang to the recipe.  A great way to add crunch, flavor and get extra greens in, wrap it in Romaine lettuce and you jut added 5 green things to your lunch.

And what’s even better, top most of these recipes with your favorite mix of Micro Greens and you have just amplified your nutrient content substantially.

For more info on micro greens visit: