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Cabbage Salsa Slaw

    Cabbage Salsa Slaw

    Vegan, Gluten free, Paleo

    Happily serves 6


    Half head purple cabbage 

    Half head green cabbage

    1/2 Red onion 

    1/2 Yellow onion

    1/4 Cup Cilantro 

    1 Avocado 

    1 Green Onion

    1/2 Cup  Lemon or Lime Juice

    1/2-1 Cup Salsa 

    1/2 TBSP Himalayan sea salt


    Shred Cabbage.  Steam 7 minutes.

    Chop Cilantro and onions.

    Dice Avocado and mix with Salsa and lemon juice.

    Toss all ingredients Together.

    Serve as fish taco filling or use a side dish or add meat and make it your main dish.