Healthy with Jodi

Summer Sweet Pepper Quinoa Salad

    Gluten Free, Vegan

    Happily Serves 2


    1 Red Bell Pepper

    1 Yellow Bell Pepper

    1 Cup Chick Peas

    1/2 Cup Quinoa + (1 Cup Bone/veggie Broth to cook Quinoa)

    1 Green Onion

    1 Garlic Clove

    1 handful Cilantro 

    2 TBSP Avocado Oil

    2 TBSP Lemon Juice

    1-2 tsp Sea Salt

    Rinse Quinoa. Cook according to Package.   I use 1:1 ratio and cook about 10 minutes so it’s not “mushy” and still has a crunchy texture.

    Rinse beans if you are using canned.

    Cut garlic, let sit 5-10 minutes 

    Wash, cut onion, cilantro, and bell peppers.

    Toss all ingredients together, eat chilled.