Healthy with Jodi

Grilled Fish w/Pineapple Cabbage Slaw

    Gluten Free, Dairy Free

    Happily serves 6


    FISH Preparation:

    1 Tbsp Coconut oil or Avocado oil

    3/4 tsp Himalayan sea salt

    1 tsp Chili or chipotle powder


    1 Cup Pineapple

    1 Cup Purple Cabbage

    1/4 cup Red onion

    Handful Cilantro

    1 TBSP Lime juice

    2 tsp Sea salt

    Slice fish into long strips.

    Brush with Coconut or avocado oil

    Season both sides with sea salt and chili powder and set aside.

    Cube pineapple.  

    Slice cabbage and red onion and quick steam for 7 minutes.  

    Remove from heat and store in fridge for it to lose it’s heat.

    Chop cilantro.

    Add slaw ingredients to a medium bowl and toss to combine, set aside.

    Grill fish to your liking and top with pineapple slaw in a lettuce wrap.