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Recommended Protein intake numbers according to age

How much protein is too much protein?  Are you confused on the amount you should take in and the source?

Plant based or Animal Based?

Here are a few guidelines set by the the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences:

Adequate Intake (AI) and Recommended Dietry Allowances (RDAs):

0-6 months: 9.1 grams

6 months to 1 year: 13.5 grams

1-3 Years: 13 grams

4-8 Years: 19 grams

9-13 Years: 34 grams

Males 14-18 years: 52 grams

Males 19+ years: 56 grams

Females 14 years+ years: 46 grams

Pregnant and Lactating Women: 71 grams

Why do we need Protein? What can they do for us?

*building blocks of the immune system, keeps the system functioning properly.

* Helps your body produce enzymes

*Helps maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails.

INADEQUATE Protein intake can lead to:

* Fatigue and Weakness

*Frequent infections

*Slow growth and development in children

*muscle wasting/Weight loss

The impact of cooking, storing and processing proteins can make proteins resistant to digestive enzymes.  Overcooking foods containing protein can destroy heat sensitive amino acids like Lysine.  Eliminating the microwave as a cooking method is so very important to your health!