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Healthy Coffee alternative-Crio Bru Ground Cacao Beans

    Looking for an alternative to Coffee?  Are you trying to heal your adrenals and scared to cut coffee out?  This is a great herbal replacement with great health benefits as well.

    What is Crio?
    Crio Bru is a delicious brewed beverage made from 100% roasted cacao beans.
    What is Cacao?
    Cacao goes by many names: cacao, cocoa, ka’kao, and more.
    It is harvested from the Cacao Tree, which are one of the most cultivated plant species on the planet.
    Where does it come from?
    Cacao was an everyday drink of the indigenous peoples of Central and South America for centuries – The Great Incas, Mayans, Olmecs, and Aztecs.
    We have leveraged the ancient medicinal benefits of Cacao into a modern process of grinding the beans – preserving its plentiful health benefits.
    Our Commitment to Fair Trade & Direct Trade
    Crio Bru beans come from direct sources only, we cultivate personal relationships with our farmers. After all, we share the passion of delivering the cacao bean in its purest form.
    Whenever possible, we work with Fair Trade Certified farmers. Fair Trade is an official certification that must be purchased.
    As some of the most prized Cacao beans come from remote regions where Fair Trade Certifications are not viable, we must verify the process on our own. This is called Direct Trade; at every point within the chain of acquisition, we have committed the time and resources to ensure the following:
    Beans are acquired at a fair price
    Beans are cultivated sustainably, under safe conditions – protecting the environment and ensuring acceptable social standards.
    All forms of labor conducted safely and willing.
    This is our commitment.

    Cacao vs Cocoa
    Cacao typically refers to the Cacao bean in its raw form. Cocoa on the other hand, is usually associated with a process of refining the Cacao bean. Cocoa powder is roasted and ground into cocoa liquor, which is then pressed to remove the cocoa butter. The remaining cocoa solids are typically 10-20% remaining cocoa butter, but are dry enough to finely grind into powder. This process is time consuming and usually additives are present in commercial powders.
    Simply put – Cacao is pure, cocoa is processed.
    Crio Bru is whole Cacao, nothing is removed or added.
    How else can I enjoy Crio Bru?The variations of enjoying Crio Bru as a beverage are virtually unlimited. If you can dream it, you can drink it.
    Using the grounds for purposes outside of consumption is exciting as well, lots of the nutrients in Crio Bru are preserved after it is brewed.
    Is Crio Bru high in acidity?
    Crio Bru is only mildly acidic. pH measurement for brewed cacao beans is around 6.5.
    Does Crio Inc. sell whole roasted Cacao Beans?
    The complexity of Crio Bru rests in the process of grinding the beans. It has taken years of innovation and research to develop Crio’s proprietary method of grinding Cacao beans.
    As cacao beans have an extremely low melting point, it is incredibly difficult to get a grind level which supports brewing and also retains the plentiful health benefits. For these reasons, Crio Bru is only available pre-ground in 10oz and 1.5lb bags available here[RA4] .
    How many milligrams of Cocoa flavonols are in each in serving of Crio Bru?
    Is there lead in Crio Bru?
    No. Our products are tested extensively, having never returned a positive sample with lead present.
    Can I make Crio in an AeroPress?
    Yes, Crio Bru works well in an AeroPress. Just be sure to allow the grounds to sit for up to 2 minutes before extracting.
    Are the beans fermented?
    Depending on the variety that is used, there will be different levels of fermentation. Crio Bru requires a lower temperature and lower ferment to bring out the full flavor when brewed compared to chocolate products.
    Are Crio Bru beans alkalized?
    No, there are no additives in the process. Crio is only produced using high quality beans, thus no need for alkali.
    Which part of the bean do you use?
    Crio Bru contains the entire cacao bean. Our proprietary method of processing ensures that the shell is sanitary and safe for consumption