Healthy with Jodi

Lemon Ginger Green Refresher

    Lemon Ginger Green Cooler

    Gluten Free

    Happily serves 1



    1 Cup Coconut Water

    1/4 Cup Lemon or 1 fresh squeezed Lemon

    1/2 tsp Ginger (fresh or grated)

    1 Scoop Collagen

    1/2 TBSP Stevia or Monk Fruit

    1 Scoop Greens

    1/2-1 Cup Ice


    1/2 Cup Watermelon

    This needs to be eaten for Breakfast if you add watermelon.

    Let it digest, eat again WHEN you are hungry.

    Squeeze Lemon. To switch it up, you can also use Lime juice.

    Cube Watermelon.

    Grate fresh ginger or use Powder.

    Add all liquid ingredients and blend well.

    Add remaining and pulse in ice.

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