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Butter Cookies. Updated to be allergy free…dairy free…gluten free.

    Jodi’s Butter Cookies

    (Adapted from Lynsey Lee)

    So, here is the “Jodi” version of my family favorite butter cookie.  My sister says its the butter, not sugar cookies.  Whatever it is, it is one of my fondest recipes from my mom.  I swear you can taste the love she put in it.  She was in the kitchen for days…I didn’t understand it all, but now I do.  I love bringing smiles to my family and friends faces, makes my heart sing!



    Gluten free, Dairy free

    Happily makes 24 cookies

    Cookie Batter:

    1 Cup Butter or Coconut Cream

    2/3 Cup Monk Fruit

    1 TBSP Gelatin

    2 1/2 Cups Gluten free flour (I used Quinoa Flour)

    1/2 Sea salt

    1 tsp Vanilla 


    2 Cups Powdered Sugar

    1 tsp Vanilla 

    2 TBSP Butter

    About 1/4 cup Almond or coconut Milk


    Cream butter and sugar together.

    Beat in gelatin. 

    Combine Flour, Sea salt, vanilla.

    Mix all ingredients together and chill dough. 

    Keep half the dough in the fridge, work with half the dough at a time.

    Spread dough to 1/4 inch thickness and bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes. 


    To make the Frosting:

    Mix powdered Sugar, softened Butter and Vanilla with a hand mixer.  

    Slowly add milk until desired thickness for spreading and decorating. 

    Cooking Tips:

    Don’t check before 8 minutes, don’t wait for the cookie to Brown.

    Completely Cool before frosting.

    Frost and then it’s best eaten frozen.


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