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Bentonite Clay-whole body care!


    Why Bentonite Clay?EAFA2F87-D874-442C-A557-AE0E3EC1BE2E

    Clean body and a clean mind.

    It is a powerful ADSORBER of Environmental pollutions that are found in our intestines.  It can effectively remove infections, and bind endotoxins, Aflatoxins (found in Peanut butter and some Legumes) so they cannot be reabsorbed into the body.

    A true cleansing program requires Bentonite clay to help clean the waters of the body, clean the bile, and clear the Digestive tract.

    It promotes wound healing and provides healing in the GI tract.

    Clay can also be used on the skin to draw out impurities.

    Call me if you are interested in cleansing and clearing the immune system, digestive system, and want to start your healing process.

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