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JLDFIT - Jodi DePriest
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 32 reviews
 by Rex
Learning to appreciate food

I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food. After asking Jodi for help she has been able to introduce me to new foods, new ways of cooking as well as an appreciation of spices. If you want to experience food in a new way and get healthier in the process, call Jodi.

 by Gary

I was referred to Jodi by a friend. I was training for a triathlon. She taught me to listen to my body. With her help, my training improved because I was eating heathier foods, and my energy was up and lost weight. I feel better, and have more energy throughout the day. My triathlon was a success because of Jodi.

 by Kelly

I was so unhealthy and unhappy last year and after going to Jodi she changed my whole life I swear!! I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been now. I understand food better and I know how to exercise and have a solid mental health. There was so much I didn’t know before and I cannot express how thankful I am for her!!!

 by Chelsie

I cannot thank Jodi enough for all of her help! We figured out what foods irritated my body and she taught me new and different ways to add foods I would never think of into my diet. She is so incredibly nice and inspiring. I ended up losing almost 10 lb doing a 28-day cleanse with her. She also helped my mental state during the cleanse. I can't recommend her enough!

 by Rachel Fort
Life changing

I honestly thought it wasn’t possible for a 10 year old to loose weight and she’s almost down 30 pounds in three months. I have my little girl back. She is so happy all the time and so proud of herself. I can’t thank you enough for holding our hand through this process and showing me the way to a better life for her and our family.

 by Colleen Sinclair

You must know about this amazing person!!!

Jodi DePriest is a holistic nutritionist and a fitness guru. I met her because we went to the same nutrition school together. She is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I know. She pays attention to the details and is very passionate about health and wellness.
Last October my husband and I sold our house and began an adventure. Our new home was built in 1957. It required lots of work. The kitchen was a complete remodel. I love to cook and food is not only super important to me but it’s a huge part of my profession. Not being able to cook in my own home was very scary. Eating out for every single meal for months was not going to work for me.
I hired Jodi to cook meals for both myself and my husband. She took the job and exceeded my expectations. She catered to every request for each of us. Her food is delicious and healthy! Plus, the meals were made for us in such a timely manner. The prices for organic, nutritious meals that accommodated every request were, quite frankly, a steal!
Jodi is a precious gift to the world. She is a healer offering services that supported us during a very difficult time. She helped to make our adventure a much heathier one.

 by Heni Ben Amor
Improve your Life with Jodi

Jodi is simply amazing! Working with her is one of the best decisions I made in a long while. I found myself in a position where stress from work and daily challenges accumulated to the point of causing health issues. Obviously going to a doctor is important in such situations, but unfortunately it often results in you waiting until a problem is caused and then trying to fix it. In my case this approach to health turned out to be disastrous. I reached out to Jodi to become more proactive about it. By making changes to my diet, exercising and the way I think about daily struggles, she helped me turn the situation around. Her coaching regarding food and nutrition is great in that it also acknowledges the body's need for "treats" and food that you look forward to. Also her physical exercises and tips helped me with my sleep (oh boy did I have a problem with that) which in turned improved all body functions and mood in general. Thanks to Jodi I feel energized and fit -- again, working with her was the best decision I made in a long while!

 by Monica Fine
Trust Jodi

I met Jodi 10 years ago when I hired her as my personal trainer. She taught me how to lift weights properly and how important it is to eat healthy. She continues to give great advice, taught me some great recipes and has a great attitude with everything!! I am fortunate to have her as a great friend too.

 by Teddi von Pingel
Trust the process, and Trust Jodi!

I met Jodi when we worked together on a team for a women's retreat. I felt threatened by her confident approach to eating healthy, being fit, and owning who she was. I had my mind set that she and I were not the same kind of people. Boy, was I wrong! I needed to make drastic changes in my health and decided that I would face Jodi, her approach, and her teachings, head on. I chose to trust her and open my heart to learning about my body. I have been working with her daily for 3 months now - with no end in sight. Jodi has helped me lose almost 20 lbs by showing me how to listen to my body, eliminate foods that do not 'feed' me, and encouraging me be the best me! I now have my whole family working with her (husband and 3 kids) - we are all making healthy changes. I love her and am so glad I was wrong! It is worth the investment in time and money. I wish she could live with me and follow me around all day! If you are considering it for even a second - run straight to meet with Jodi!

 by Taryn Bragg
A balanced life

At the time I met Jodi, I had already lost 40 lbs, but I had hit a plateau. I was exercising and trying to eat right, but I found myself tired, unsatisfied and in a persistent catabolic state. Within 6 weeks of a balanced diet and a focus on stress reduction and hormone balance, I was able to see visible results. Not only did the weight melt off, but my skin glowed and I felt amazing. I wasn't perfect and fell back into my old ways at times, but within days of being back on target, the weight came off. Jodi truly knows nutrition!!! She is the whole package. Don't hesitate to have Jodi help balance your life 🙂 I'm quite certain she will remain a lifelong friend.

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