Healthy with Jodi

Meal Prep Services by JLDFIT

    Having the determination is the first step.  Meal preperation is time consuming but guarantees results and is essential to creating energy  and maintaining results.  If you want to learn how to meal prep or have Jodi Prep for you, there are many options to fit your busy schedule so you can meet your desired results.  Feeding our families is necessary, why not make everyone’s meal nutritious, fun and delicious?  Isn’t it about time you enjoyed your food with no negative side effects and increased energy?

    JLDFIT Meal Prep Prices 

    Breakfast: $15

    Lunch: $15

    Dinner: $15 

    Snacks: $10

    Prices includes food and preparation.

    Meal plan: $100

    Includes Supplement recommendation & account set up

    *Requires a Nutriton Session to educate and explain the individual plan.*

    Weekly support: $100 (up to 2 hours)

    (Includes emails, texts, phone calls, pictures, store tips & tricks)

    Other determining Factors:

    Must have 2 sets of glassware (or tupperware) When picking up food, the second set of glassware must be returned clean and dry.

    Pick up dates, times, and location set upon entering into a contract.

    Weekly delivery is an option for an additional fee.

    Individual Prices can vary depending on frequency, amounts, and desired goals. 

    Meal Preparation