Healthy with Jodi

Creating Space. Eliminate negative and add positive, it’s not always related to food.

    How can you create more space in your life for positive energy?  We must eliminate and make space for it! Negative thoughts weigh us down, if you want a positive life you must create it, it doesn’t just happen. 

    Food is one way we can introduce good energy to our body.

    Meditation is powerful for healing and making space.

    Exercise and sweating are key to any cleansing of space and feeling lighter. 

    Holistic health is mind body spirit.

    Maybe just drinking out of glass and eliminating plastics is where you want to start.  Maybe you can start being “healthy” by updating your cooking to safe cookware that doesn’t emit toxins.  Maybe you can learn breathing techniques to help reduce stress and get healthier that way.  It just takes ONE action, and WE can BUILD on that!

    Call me and we can design a plan that makes sense in your life and doesn’t overwhelm you. Ceramic flat iron

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