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Brazilian Leggings…Size and Composition

    Most common sizes are:
    P – Pequeno or Small – Size 0 to 4
    M – Mediano or Medium – Size 6 to 8
    G  – Grande or Large – Size 8 and up
    U – Universal – typically stretchy material that fits from size 2 sometimes up to size 10
    Sizes vary with fabrics and styles.  We will do our best to make notes if there is something different about a particular pair or pattern.
    The sizing says “U” I have seen this fabric fix a size 2 to a size 8-10.  Everyone carries their weight different and likes their leggings to fix different.  if that makes sense, it’s hard to give a definite answer/size.  The last shipment of my everyday leggings are labeled Small and Medium but fix different based on the % of spandex or Poliamida or Elastic or Polyester in the blend.  I think Americans want a “set size” but it’s all so different when dealing with over seas out of the country.  I am working on getting more consistent with the fabrics and %’s so that I can come closer to a standard sizing chart.  Trying the leggings on is very helpful because what we may have liked may not accentuate our curves or look as we had hoped.  Some things look better on the hanger and others, like the pictured leggings above turn out to be our favorites! I try to honestly help fit each person so they feel comfortable and there is no question on fit or if it looks good on your body type.  I hope that helps.