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JLDFIT - Jodi DePriest
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by Cathryn on JLDFIT - Jodi DePriest
A convert!

Count me as a former skeptic. Didn’t put much stock in the hair analysis for food intolerance and deficiencies. However I did it with my sister. Came back identifying things I didn’t know I had trouble with. After Jodi’s analysis and development of a food plan, I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I no longer need an afternoon nap like a 4 year-old. I have also lost about 5 pounds, not eating less just eating right. I can tell by the deeper analysis and food plan that Jodi put an enormous amount of time and effort into research and development for me along with identifying appropriate supplements . It has made a world of difference and I am so thankful for her help.

by Johnny Labastida on JLDFIT - Jodi DePriest
Life Changing

I contacted Jodi during a time in my life where I was feeling bad about the way I looked and felt all around. After our initial conversation, Jodi gave me a wealth of information that has gotten on the right track to a healthier lifestyle from eating, exercising and all kinds of different healthy options. It has literally changed my life! I could not have done this without the help and guidance of Jodi! I feel better and I'm looking forward to continuing my journey to healthier life!

by Anonymous on JLDFIT - Jodi DePriest

Check out these before and after pictures. I would not have been able to make these changes without training with Jodi. She has helped us change our lives for the better. During the past 7 months, I have been challenged and pushed as well as taught a great deal. Jodi makes working out fun and inspires me to reach my new goals.

Jodi teaches proper form of exercises and creates whole body workouts that take into consideration some of my limitations. Along with the workouts, Jodi teaches me about healthy eating habits, which include delicious recipes using foods, spices and condiments to make wonderful meals for me and my husband.

I have been very impressed by her passion to help clients, her knowledge and ability to connect with her clients’ needs/goals and overall encouraging motivating nature. I have a new outlook on my health, fitness and life. I plan to continue on this life changing path with Jodi!

by Tim Hall on JLDFIT - Jodi DePriest
Wonderful Trainer!

Jodi DePriest is wonderful. She trains at a private gym that is very nice and is situated at Greenfield and Ray. She is an authority on diet and other matters related to fitness. My wife has been after me for years to work with a trainer. I have always thought I exercised sufficiently (and consistently), but I gave in. Jodi has made a measurable difference in my life.

by Barb G on JLDFIT - Jodi DePriest
Excellent Trainer and Nutritionist

We met Jodi in late November of 2016 after my husband saw a Facebook post by Jodi which discussed nutrition counselling and personal training. After discussing the various programs that Jodi offers and our personal training needs we decided to give it a try. Shortly after signing up, I was diagnosed with “leaky gut”. Saddened by this, but encouraged by Jodi that “this is fixable”, I leaned heavily on her for nutritional guidance. I have learned so much about different kinds of foods, combinations and preparation in order lead a healthy life style and fix my leaky gut. I am also training with Jodi and she has taught me a tremendous amount about exercise, proper form and really working muscles to get results. To date, I have lost 5 pounds and 6.25 inches overall. I am encouraged to continue this path because I truly feel better. I have gained a positive outlook thanks to Jodi and I couldn’t be happier. I greatly appreciate the nutritional counsel and training – thank you Jodi!

by Alisha on JLDFIT - Jodi DePriest

I am a single mom of four and do not have the extra funds to pay for training or nutrition counseling, BUT, Jodi knew the pain I was in from not digesting my door due to no gall bladder. I have been without a gall bladder for almost 12 years and battled bloat and pain. With a simple tweak of my diet and her suggestion for enzymes my bloat and pain are gone and went away almost instantly.

by Bill G on JLDFIT - Jodi DePriest
The Best

One day I was surfing Facebook and found a post by Jodi. We decided to contact her and see what she had to offer as we have struggled to find someone who is both a Trainer and Nutritionist. After all, of the (so called) trainers we have tried, Jodi seemed to have the full package. We interviewed her and decided to sign up for both training and nutrition counseling.

I was having back troubles as well as that oversized gut. My wife also struggles with shedding those last few pounds. We have trained for about two months now and Jodi has taught us so much about proper exercise form and what to eat for the best results. She also helped us with supplementation.

For me personally, Jodi taught me to utilize much more core isolating and balance moves to strengthen my core and balance muscles. I don’t have any back pain now and have shed a few pounds. I have also built a lot of lean muscle, and I believe for once I am on the right track.

I would highly recommend Jodi to anyone struggling with health, weight, fitness and general nutrition.

Bill G.
Gilbert AZ

by Heidi on JLDFIT - Jodi DePriest
Thanks Jodi!

I decided to train with Jodi because I wanted to work on my posture and repair my diastasis recti caused by pregnancy. I had tried many times to improve my posture without success and I was starting to believe my body was not capable of better posture because of my mild scoliosis. I had even been working with a physical therapist for both of my issues and didn't notice any improvement. I was frustrated and ready to give up.

After training with Jodi a few times, I discovered I hadn't even been using the muscles that make good posture possible. Jodi helped me understand what good posture should look and, more importantly, FEEL like. The exercises Jodi selected for me strengthened my muscles and taught me correct form. I worked with Jodi for almost 4 months and have the best posture I've ever had. I also lost some weight, which was an added bonus. I have also noticed progress with my diastasis. It's not fixed yet, but that is an issue that takes longer than 4 months to resolve. Thanks Jodi!!

by Marie on JLDFIT - Jodi DePriest
She is amazing

Jodi is amazing !!! I have been her client for years and she has taught me so much about nutrition and healthy living !!! I love Purium , I love their fiber and the power greens, even my 2 kids (10 years old and my 11 months old ) love the power green shakes !! I did the 10 days cleanse couple of years ago and lost 8 pounds , I am totally planning to the cleanse again !!

by Cathryn on JLDFIT - Jodi DePriest
Jodi trainer and more!

Jodi has been my husband's personal trainer for almost five years. He just might be her oldest client and at 83, he and I believe she is the reason he's still around! He has had several strokes which have understandably caused limitations. She motivates him to always strive to do more. He is so much stronger because of the work he does under her guidance. She has also helped me with nutrition which benefits both my husband and I. We are both pretty much off dairy and I'm off gluten. I have attended a couple of her nutrition classes and learned so much. Recipes are easy, healthy and tasty. Can't beat that! She is kind, generous and so easy to be around. She exemplifies a saying my mom had: if you're going to occupy space on the planet, you better be prepared to give something back.

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